Pregnancy acupuncture

While acupuncture is viewed by many as an ‘alternative’ medicine, it use in pregnancy is widespread in certain countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand, where midwives undertake specialised acupuncture training. View research into the use of acupuncture during pregnancy for breech presentation, pelvic pain and nausea.

PreBirth Acupuncture

This involves a series of four treatments weekly from 36 or 37 weeks to prepare for labour. Points are used according to your constition and pregnancy history. Acupuncture points used are chosen to assit in ripening the cervix, positioning the baby in the best presentation for labour and to promote optimal energy. Click here for research involving prebirth acupuncture.

Partners can also assist by using acupressure points during labour.

Breech Presentation

Moxibustion is commonly used to help turn the baby into the correct position for labour. This is  a very relaxing treatment in itself.